Retail Pulse sets new standard for industry research- ARA invites retailers to sign up, give feedback

29 06 2012

A message from ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman:

Dear ARA members,

As you’re no doubt aware the ARA recently partnered with Roy Morgan Research and will soon be launching ‘Retail Pulse’, a weekly monitor of retail performance and confidence direct from the retail coal face.

The collective voice of our members is imperative to the value of the Retail Pulse and I ask that you join your fellow members and get involved in this ground-breaking survey. This is a brand new survey and is separate to any other Roy Morgan survey that you might be participating in.

A key objective in establishing the relationship with Roy Morgan Research was to draw on their skills and expertise to provide credible research to support our members and I urge you to add your voice by joining the Retail Pulse.

Using a one question SMS based survey we’re aiming to gauge weekly sales performance across the Australian retail industry. As a retailer myself, I appreciate the time constraints you face, and that’s why we’ve made participation in the Retail Pulse so easy.

Every Monday between 10.00am and 12 noon we will send you an SMS asking the following question: “How were your sales last week compared to the previous week? U=Up D=Down S=Same”. All you need to do is SMS back the single letter that corresponds to your answer at your soonest convenience. Roy Morgan will collate all responses by 4.00pm EST on Monday afternoon and email you a report*.

Your timely feedback will provide a more accurate and industry specific reflection of the current retail environment and as an ARA member, you will be able to access the knowledge and tools you need for business success in a changing retail landscape.

Your invitation to be a part of this ground-breaking survey is below. All you need to do is select which retail category you work in and confirm your mobile phone details.

I can assure you this is not a premium SMS service, with each SMS response charged at your standard mobile rates. You can also choose to opt out of the Retail Pulse at any time.

As a retailer, I look forward to being a part of this exciting new research and as a representative of the ARA, I look forward to working closely with Roy Morgan on initiatives that will enable retailers to be at the forefront of the industry in which they operate.

Remember it will only take you a minute to get involved and be a part of this pioneering research, but the rewards will last much longer.



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