ARA and Roy Morgan partner for gold standard retail knowledge

12 06 2012

ARA and Roy Morgan partner for gold standard retail knowledge

ARA Morgan Retail Pulse launched

The ARA is pleased to be partnering with Roy Morgan Research, Australia’s largest independent market research body to bring valuable industry knowledge and insight to retailers operating at the coal face of the sector.

ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman said the partnership would combine knowledge and experience from both companies in order to gain a better understanding of retail as a whole and enable retailers to better respond to shifts and challenges associated with doing business in retail.

“ARA members live and breathe the retail industry and face the associated changes and challenges on a day to day basis. Together, the ARA and Roy Morgan will aim to gain a better understanding of the retail sector as a whole, including insight into the retailer- consumer relationship, detailed information on some of the challenges faced by the industry and provide up to the minute feedback.

“The partnership will give ARA members access to the knowledge and tools they need for business success in a changing retail landscape. It will also enable members to give timely feedback, which will in turn give a more accurate and industry- specific reflection of the current retail environment.

“Roy Morgan Research is proven to be the ‘gold standard’ in consumer profiling in Australia and the accuracy provided by feedback from ARA members in order to keep the feedback loop flowing will be invaluable,” Zimmerman said.

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine said, “A key benefit of our joint venture is the unique combination of retailer & consumer perspectives, enhancing our understanding of the Australian retail landscape. ARA’s membership provides the diversity of Australian retailing environment that enables our robust data to be analysed by a wide range of different retail segments. At Roy Morgan Research we interview over 50,000 Australian households (and over 12,000 Australian businesses) per year, which is the largest survey consumer survey in the world.  This unique collaboration will help Australian retailers gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the market to help them compete and plan for greater success in the future.”

As an initial development the partnership will be launching ‘Retail Pulse’, a weekly monitor of retail performance and confidence direct from the retail coal face.

Introducing… the ARA Morgan Retail Pulse.

What’s really going on in your retail sector? How are retailers in your industry travelling? Do you know about last week’s sales for your business? We want your expert feedback.

Using a one-question SMS based survey the ARA and Roy Morgan are aiming to gauge weekly sales performance across the Australian retail industry.

In return for taking part in this survey you will receive a weekly email report of how your retail sector is performing across Australia.

This is a ground breaking survey and the first of many initiatives as part of ARA and Roy Morgan’s partnership.

All that is required is for you to select which retail category you work in and confirm your mobile phone details.

How does it work?
Every Monday between 10.00 am and 12 noon you will be sent an SMS asking the following question: “How were your sales last week – w/e dd/mm/yy, compared to the previous week? U=Up D=Down S=Same”.  Answer by using the single letter that corresponds to your answer, (i.e. “U”).

Please SMS your result as soon as possible after receiving the question.  This is not a premium SMS service and each SMS response will be charged at standard rates according to your current mobile plan.

We will collate the responses at 4pm EST on Monday afternoon and email you your report.  For every valid SMS response you provide us you will receive a free report for that week.

Sign up now

Privacy Information

Roy Morgan will never pass on your personal information to any third party without your express permission. Roy Morgan Research acts in compliance with the National Privacy Principles. Your personal information will be deleted from the survey results as soon as the research is completed. This information will be used for research purposes only, and you will not receive any marketing material by participating in this survey. For more information please visit Roy Morgan Research’s privacy policy.

For more information and to take part in the survey, email or call 1300 368 041.



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